Satsum Kiriko Reproduction in Osaka

s-03Beginning in 1975, Yuri Seisuke from the Kamei Glass Company, Ltd., a glass tableware wholesaler in Osaka, collaborated with researchers and kiriko artisans from various regions in Japan in an effort to reproduce Satsuma kiriko. By 1980, they had succeeded.

After Kamei Glass Company, Ltd. closed its business in the mid-1990s, the glass artisans and wholesalers who had been involved in the reproduction of Satsuma kiriko took its techniques and established Satsuma kiriko as craftwork in Osaka.

Satsuma kiriko was also reproduced in Satsuma (Kagoshima prefecture) in 1989, and was designated as a prefectural traditional craft by Kagoshima prefecture.

Today, authentic reproductions of existing example of antique Satsuma kiriko and new products that are designed based on the features of antique Satsuma kiriko are manufactured and sold. Some of these new products are also available in new colors.

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