A warning about the products sold inexpensively at the online outlet stores;

omiyageTopImgMany who are interested in buying Satsuma kiriko might see them for sale in outlet stores.
There is a reason why these products are sold at outlet stores for lower prices.

Sometimes artisans decide to sell imperfect blanks to outlet stores.
Satsuma kiriko is produced with use of technique called “irokise” which means overlaid color.
The colored overlaid glass of Satsuma kiriko blanks is thicker than that of Edo kiriko blanks, and it is hard to visually confirm air bubbles in the blanks.

The products sold at outlet stores have air bubbles which the artisans didn’t notice until they cut the glass or couldn’t remove before they began the cutting process.
If the air bubbles were left inside the glass, the artisans would cut more extremely in an effort to remove them, and the form of the glass would be different from that sold at a retail stores. While these products can be one-of-a-kind and seem to be good to customers, they are not handled as regular products by retail stores but are instead sent to outlet stores as “seconds.”

However, it is important to be cautious about glassware with bubbles left inside because they are prone to breaking.
Also, transparent crystal glass may become clouded during the cleansing process.

Link to Instruction manual for the use of glass tableware >>

Products sold at outlet stores are not necessarily inferior.
Some Satsuma kiriko lovers prefer products with a unique design.
The low prices are also appealing to customers.

However, it is useful to confirm the reason for a product’s being sold at outlet stores:

“The products may have air bubbles.”

“The product may have a unique design.”

“The product’s glass may be cloudy rather than clear.”

The customer is free to buy the products even if their quality is not perfect.
However, it is important for the customer to understand and accept the consequences of purchasing a product with a flaw or unique design.

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  • Frank De Lange Reply

    I am very impressed with the styles, colors, and assortment of the beautiful cut glass especially the ido kirido product.

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