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Edo Kiriko

Edo Kiriko is a glass craft that has been handed down in Edo(present-day Tokyo). in 1824, Kyubei Kagaya started exploring the technique of cutting patterns into the surface of glass.

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Satsuma Kiriko

At a glance, you will find the shines of Satsuma Kiriko are not as same as normal glasses, because it is a crystal glass. It shines brilliantly.

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SAKE Drinkware

We want you to know the taste of how SAKE to the people of the world.

The cup to drink SAKE there are a lot of types.

In addition to the pottery, Edo Kiriko cut glass, Satsuma Kiriko cut glass, Tsugaru Vidro, Made of Pure Tin cup….
Japanese Artisans are make the best job.

In tasting sake, selecting a cup is prone to be ignored.

Both drinking sake from sake cup that brings out the true flavor and taste of sake, and eating appetizer that goes well with sake enhance the deliciousness of sake. It is true for wine or shochu.

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